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The Reaper's Watchtower is a first of it's kind. Standing at over 2 feet tall this tower will literally "tower" over your village while still remaining in scale to the rest of your village. Never before has a piece this big ever been attempted by the big two companies. The tower lights up an eerie red while the left side building glows violet. Who is lurking at the top of the tower? The house detailed with a thatched roof looks warm and inviting however that creepy cemetery with the old tree on the hill will keep the trick or treat travelers away. detailes include muddy grounds, chain fence, tombstones, fully sculpted dead tree, sculpted bricks, shingles, thatched roof, and chimney.

Measurements approximately:
L: 13" X W: 10-1/2" X H: 28"


Price: $300.00 (Retired)


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