Webster T. Rantula's Silk Mill is 100% handmade for the CreepyVille haunted Halloween village collection. Birchwood construction layered and hand sculpted in air dry clay. Spiders are sculpted in epoxy putty. Railing is 3D printed. This piece is loaded with detail - a cocooned corpse hanging in the tower, a giant spider hiding in the shed, another giant spider on top of the tower, bone pile outside the shed, pipes running through the roof, billboard on the main roof, flickering lights, this piece has it all. A must have for all Halloween village collections. 


Lighted with 3mm LED lights run on a 12V power adapter included.


Measurements approximately:
L: 10-1/2" X W: 8" X H: 9-1/2"

Webster T. Rantula's Silk Mill