The Reaper's Watch Tower is 100% handmade for the CreepyVille haunted Halloween village collection. Birchwood construction layered and hand sculpted in air dry clay. The tower is made of heavy cardboard also layered and sculpted in clay. The tree is fully sculpted with epoxy putty. This piece was designed to be a center piece for your village as it literally "towers" over all other buildings at an astounding 28" tall. The tower itself lights with a red eerie glow while the great hall glows a ghostly violet. Each stone on the chimney was individually rolled by hand and attached one at a time. This piece is a must have for all Halloween village collections. 

Lighted with 3mm LED lights run on a 12V power adapter included.

Measurements approximately:
L: 13" X W: 10-1/2" X H: 28"

Approximate Weight: 4.5 lbs

Reaper's Watchtower