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The first introduction to the CreepyVille Halloween village collection. The PostMortem Post Office is 100% hand made. Made of foamboard and sculpted in epoxy clay. 3D printed accents and deorations complete the look of the most haunted post office available for your miniature village. 

Stop in and get your death certificate photo's taken, free of charge! Do you have a lettter that needs to get there overnight? Send it via Overnight Bat Express! The PostMortem Post Office is here to help you with all your creepy needs. Highly detailed and sculpted walls with 3D printed casket mailboxes. The stones in the foundation were individually rolled in epoxy clay, loading dock complete with caskets, mail bin full of body parts, hook & chain, and the mail bat flying out of the second floor bat express balcony.

Measurements approximately:
L: 12" X W: 7-1/2" X H: 8"


Price: $250.00

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