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The second introduction to the CreepyVille Haunted Village Collection. The Law Office of Jekyll & Hyde is an experimental piece as it is the first time I tried different materials such as air-dry clay, polymer clay, & plaster. Future versions of this piece will only be using eoxy clay as I have chosen that to be my main material to cover the foamboard frames. It is easier to work with and leaves better results.

  Need a Lawyer? Stop by the Law Office of Jekyll & Hyde! An Arm under the bushes? Must have been a client of Mr Hyde! A creepy tree makes its home on one side of the building... and it looks hungry! Lots of detail throughout from the ground to the roof! Looks very eerie when lit up in the dark!

Measurements approximately:
L: 7" X W: 7" X H: 9-1/2"


Price: $150.00 (Retired)

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