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What makes Crypt 31 CreepyVille houses different than other handmade / DIY houses found across the internet? For one, Crypt 31 houses are made of foamboard / epoxy clay, not ceramic, cardstock or Styrofoam. These are not paper houses and they are not glitter "Putz" houses. Crypt 31 houses are the closest thing you can find to the store bought items made by Lemax and Dept 56. They are not made from a mold. They are all handmade one at a time. It is also important to note that Crypt 31 buildings have no audio or animation.
    The process of making a Crypt 31 CreepyVille house starts like anything else in the world, it starts with an idea. At Crypt 31 original ideas and concepts are our goal. If the "Big Two" companies has not made it yet, Crypt 31 will attempt to do it first. The Postmortem Post Office, Silk Mill, Pawn Shop, Alien Pumpkin Invaders, and the soon to be release Hearse & Carriage Co. are all testament to our original concepts.
The next step is drawing the concept. We are not the most skillful artists with pencils so our sketches are quite the juvenile drawing, however they are all we need to begin the next step.
    After the concept is sketched, and the size of the piece is determined, the next step is cutting the parts. The parts are all foam board cut with precision tools by Logan Graphics. Supports are also cut. These parts are all glued together with hot glue. The roof is not glued on until after the next step.
    The next step is the lighting. 3mm led's are the main source of lighting. All the lighting is wired up and tucked away inside each piece. The female power jack is glued in place once all the wiring is soldered together. Once the led's are in place, the roof is attached and the next step can begin.
    Now it's time to add epoxy resin sculpting clay. The clay of choice is Magic Sculpt. The clay is rolled out and moistened then layered over the frame. The dry time is quite fast so the sculpting has to be relatively fast. For this reason only one wall/section at a time is sculpted. The epoxy goes on, then the details are all sculpted by hand with the proper sculpting tools.
    Once all the sculpting is completed the piece is plugged in to make certain no light is escaping from any seams between walls/sections. If there is any light shining through, it is patched with more epoxy. The epoxy needs 24 hours to harden completely before the next step.
Next up the entire piece is hand painted with acrylic paints. Because these are all hand made one at a time, extra attention is given to the painting process. The painting process could take several days as sections need to be dry in order to handle the piece to paint other sections. Once the painting is completed, the entire piece is then sprayed with a glossy clear coat to help solidify all the parts.
    The piece is now finished. This is the process of Crypt 31 CreepyVille houses and it is what makes CreepyVille the most unique Halloween village collection available today



Coffee Urn Cafe

Athena's slime factory

house of 1000 bats

deadlift gym

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