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"My Last Ride arrived today, what a great addition, more impressive when you see up close!! Keep up the great work! Thanks again."

"Holy cow man, this is beautiful. The pics do not do it justice. It's totally scale, it's like a big scary house. Amazing."

"Fantastic quality house! Such attention to detail..... Everything about it is very high quality! I love it! It was worth the wait.
Thank you!"

"Just got mine today and it looks great. Thanks again, Hope to do more business with you in the future."

The House on Corn Row has arrived! It was an incredible moment to unwrap, smell and look at the beauty of this stunning piece. It is the most realistic piece I’ve ever seen. It really deserves it’s own special place.

"My order arrived today in perfect condition. It's awesome! Well worth the wait. I'm looking forward to your future creations and being a repeat customer. Thanks again"

"My Pumpkin house arrived Wednesday the 20th and it is very nice, the detail is excellent. You can tell that it was hand made and a good amount of time was used in the making of it. Thanks again for your fine village house"

"I received my Old House on Corn Row safe and sound and I absolutely love it! It is hands down my favorite piece that I own now and I fully intend to purchase more items from Crypt 31 in the future. I am so glad that I placed my order and the wait was 100% worth it. Thank you again for the amazing piece!"

"I opened my Crypt 31 box early this morning. Words can't describe how AWESOME the entire presentation is. Love your box, packing touches, etc. Can't express how thrilled I am to own one of the Corn Row pieces! My family will cherish this forever."

"I have unboxed both of the pieces from Crypt 31 and they're by far the best pieces in our collection. These are very special pieces and made extremely well. We're beyond elated with the pieces. The Watch Tower is just beyond so amazing and then add the Hearse and Carriage building and it's just really awesome!

We're so excited about those pieces that we're going to start setting up our village this month. Joe, you really did such an incredible job on those buildings. I can't wait to buy more of your pieces. You're a true artist.

Thank you so very much for all the work and incredible detail that you put in your pieces. I'm beyond blown away by your pieces. I'll likely have a special road case made for the pieces. They're worth the extra special treatment".

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