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Club Necro is the only place in CreepyVille where the party never ends! Hand sculpted in epoxy clay with 3D printed accents such as the columns, door, roof trim, skulls, demon head, and spikes on the roof. This piece has an interior scene with ghoulish dancers on the second floor. Color changing lights on he first floor and multicolor flashing lights on the second floor brings this piece to life. Even monsters like to go out and party, and Club Necro is the hottest place for your village monsters to go and dance the night away.

Other details include:
Pentagram windows on the roof
Skulls decorations in front and sides
Demon head on roof
flashing lights
chain line fence
casket shaped windows

Measurements approximately:
L: 9" X W: 6" X H: 7"


Price: $200 (Retired)

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