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   I have always been a big fan of miniature villages. As a child it all started with my fathers love f0r model railroads. I would help him build the small buildings and learned how to make landscapes while the trains brought everything to life. As I got older I would always enjoy the Dept 56 Christmas village displays set up in our local Fortunoff dept store. I was mesmerized at the tiny little worlds and all the details. I knew I needed to be a part of that, but I was always a big fan of Halloween, my true favorite season.


I  finally started collecting them in 2005 when I first saw the Ghostly Carousel, I was in awe that they were actually making miniature Halloween village pieces. I immediately purchsed it making it my very first miniature village piece. Then in 2006 while shopping in Fortunoff, I discovered Lemax Spookytown. It was at that moment when my love for Halloween villages turned into an addiction. Since then, my collection of Lemax Spooky Town and Dept 56 Halloween Snow Villages has expanded to over 200 pieces. As my collection continued to grow so has the cost of collecting these pieces. I could no longer afford them anymore so I ultimately stopped collecting. After a couple of years it was in 2012 that I decided I needed to add more to my existing Halloween village to keep it fresh and new. I created CreepyVille in my own imagination and began producing my very own Halloween village builings. I combined my inspiration from my fathers model railroads and Dept 56/ Lemax villages and went to work on my very first piece - The PostMortem Post Office.


   CreepyVille is 100% hand made. All buildings are made of birch & balsa wood that are then layered in clay and then sculpted and detailed. With a list of over 150 items on the drawing board, CreepyVille will continue to grow throughout the years. Along with the lighted buildings also comes figurines cast in resin and a long list of accessories and table pieces. Ultimately CreepyVille will begin to see animated pieces added to the line. 


My love and passion for Halloween Villages inspires me everyday with new and original designs that I cannot wait to bring to life and haunt villages everywhere.



     Joseph Porter


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