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The fifth introduction to CreepyVille comes from a far away place, somewhere in the darkest reaches of space comes the Alie Pumpkin Invaders! This HUGE pumpkin spaceship is looking for a pumpkin patch to land in so the API's can investigate and seach for new signs of pumpkin life. Alien Pumpkin Invaders explores a theme not yet seen by the big two companies. Crypt 31 is the first to release such a piece along with alien pumpkin figurines. The Alien Pumpkin Invader collection will grow with new ships and accessories to compliment this mother ship. Flashing lights, pumpkin canons, rocket thrusters, and an exclusive alien pumkin invader pilot all make up one of the most original concepts ever seen in a halloween village.

Measurements approximately:
L: 18-1/2" X W: 9-1/2" X H: 14"



Price: $300.00 (Remake in Production)


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